Brandon Levine

Financial Advisor & Client Service Associate

Brandon Levine is a Financial Advisor with a passion for helping individuals, families and business owners make educated decisions to better their financial wellbeing and achieve their financial goals. He strives to help break down complex financial concepts and educate clients on why decisions are made for their benefit, often using complex analytical and visual tools.

At Trivium Point Advisory, Brandon serves as both an Advisor and Client Service Associate. In his role, Brandon serves Trivium Point clients by providing sound financial advice while coordinating with senior team members to ensure adequate client service and completion of investment and tax items.

Brandon is a Syracuse University graduate with a degree in both Finance & Management. Growing up with a father in the industry, Brandon witnessed the level of detail and care it takes to be a steward of one’s financial health. Hearing firsthand how receiving sound financial guidance can have a profound effect on one’s life and their loved ones, he was inspired to provide assistance to those in an area where he felt public education fell short. Raised in Stowe, Vermont, Brandon developed a love for skiing and enjoying time with friends, family, and community.