Exciting News! We’re please to announce the acquisition of James VanMetter and Associates, a Westchester County firm specializing in wealth management. We’re excited to continue expanding our market presence and services in the tri-state area.

Clarity at Life’s Financial Crossroads.

We create the point where people, process, and finances connect, advising our clients on essential financial strategies through wealth management, tax and accounting, and business advisory services — all under one roof.

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Who We Help

Trivium Point Advisory is dedicated to individuals seeking an experienced, central advisor for their financial needs. We create a specialized experience in combining wealth management, accounting, and business advisory services, catering to those who value a financial stewardship.

What We Do

We’re here to help you understand your numbers and create
a personalized financial roadmap so you can work toward your goals.

Personalized Financial Roadmap
Business Consulting


Wealth Management


Tax & Accounting


“Why hire a Trivium Point Advisor when my
accountant already does this?”

Owners accumulate people — not wealth. We seek to eliminate the need to hire multiple people and alleviate the stress around whose advice to take.